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Nowadays it's apparent that many blackhat internet marketers are trying to scam people for Xbox Live upgrade codes. Why can't users just get their free Xbox Live code without the need of being bothered by endless surveys? Is there a way for gamers to obtain legitimately free Xbox Live codes without infecting their computer with malware or having to complete some menial task only to find out their code doesn't work most of the time? Couldn't you just get an Xbox Live code and enjoy the benefits of it? We say you can. Scammers say you can't. You don't have to take our word for it though -- see for yourself.



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Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

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You'll come across multiple sites out there which claim to provide free Xbox Live codes. But, most of them actually don't. Some will need you to spend tons of time trying to complete surveys which never end. Others will provide you with fake codes or even nothing at all! Even worse, some sites are run by malicious jerks who try to get you to download some kind of software which hijacks your browser or even your entire computer. Don't trust just any site out there, do your research. You might have to depend on your gut instinct here. In case a site doesn't look legit, it's likely to be as you think.

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Luckily, you're at the right place. We've been providing free codes for quite some time now. We take pride in the providing our users with actual real card codes when finances permit. The many positive testimonials from other gamers speak highly of our code generator's performance.

Get Free Xbox Live Codes

With Xbox Live Gold, you're assured of cutting-edge gaming experience. You need not spend a penny to achieve that. We're all aware of the fact that gamers have been yearning to save money on Xbox Live. And, only a little effort is required to save cash on your next Xbox Live subscription. Take advantage of our free Xbox Live code generator. Random codes from each domination are purchased using extra funds from our GPT websites, ensuring that our codes are working as they ought to. All of our codes are uniquely generated. Our generator is one-of-a-kind, and the service is nothing short of exceptional. Check back on a regular basis as our database is frequently updated with Xbox Live Gold codes which you can make use of at your convenience. You'll eventually find our website quite rewarding unlike the other guys. Not just with access to among the most exciting gaming networks available, but also with some extra money in your pocket.

All about Xbox Live

Xbox Live, developed and owned by Microsoft, is a popular online service that allows for content and gaming distribution for the Xbox, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 video game systems. It enables one to play various games against other users online. Additionally, you can make use of the Xbox Live Arcade to download trailers, demos, and even full games. It requires one to specify their nickname (referred to as a Gamertag). A Gamertag is the name that will be visible to other users in any game you play. You'll be able to maintain friends' lists to keep in touch with real-life friends or even new people that you meet online and would wish to play with.

What You Need to Use Xbox Live

Currently, Xbox Live isn't available on the original Xbox console. As such, you need to have either an Xbox One or Xbox 360. You'll require reliable Internet access, as well.

How to Access Xbox Live

Microsoft provides Xbox Live as a subscription-based service. Users can purchase it in 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month periods. Xbox Live comes with two different service levels as discussed below:

I. Free

The Free level, formerly referred to as Silver, allows you to download various things from the Xbox Live's Marketplace. You can also chat (voice and video) with friends, share your profile with others, and use apps like ESPN, Netflix, and WWE Network, among many others. However, you won't be able to play games online. Many people are here for the free Fortnite Vbucks for Xbox One which they can also receive.

II. Gold

The Gold (paid)service grants you all of the benefits offered by the Free level, in addition to enabling you to play various games online.

Xbox Live Gold

It's the premium version of this service. With an Xbox Live Gold plan, you'll be able to play games online against other subscribers. Besides, you'll enjoy early access to demos and acquire free video games. Only one Gold subscription is required per Xbox One console. As such, everyone in your family can play online multiplayer games using their own accounts. With an Xbox 360, however, each account ought to bear its own subscription.

Features You Get - Xbox Live Gold This plan supports these features:

  • Playing games against other users online
  • Making use of specialized matchmaking to compete with users of the same skill levels
  • Accessing demos and other kinds of content earlier than members of the Xbox Live Free plan
  • It supports Xbox Live Parties, making it incredibly simple to move between different games with a group, in addition to chatting with each other
  • Gold members are entitled to free Xbox One and Xbox 360 games at least twice each month
  • Gold members are automatically accrued to up to 75% off discounts in their Xbox Store each week

Subscribing to Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live subscription cards are available at the various retail stores. Alternatively, one can make use of their credit card right on the console to sign up for this service. Although the cost may change periodically, it's usually structured as shown below: » Monthly Basis: $9.99 » Quarterly Basis: $24.99 » Annual Basis: $59.99

Do You Really Need the Gold Plan?

Remember, you need not purchase the Gold plan to make use of your Xbox. As a matter of fact, you can play games offline and would never even require Internet access. You still need not subscribe to the Gold plan if you've Internet access. Perhaps, you just intend to enjoy the free features. So, here's what you'll still enjoy without a Gold membership:

  • You can install various sports apps to watch tournaments and leagues like NFL, NBA, ESPN, and WWE
  • You can play games before purchasing them by downloading demos
  • You can watch Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, Twitch, and much more
  • With an Xbox One, you'll enjoy HD Skype access (free)
  • Live TV is provided only for Xbox One, as well, enabling you to watch channels like ESPN, CNN, and AMC using Sling TV, or CBS, FOX, and NBC using the Hauppauge TV tuner

Xbox Live Free

The Silver version became the free version of Xbox Live back in 2010. This level features groups and multiple special offers, including access to HBO Go, ESPN, and Netflix. Gamers can now enjoy features which were once only available to users with paid Gold memberships. The main difference here is that the free version doesn't offer you the ability to play the various online multiplayer games available. But, one can still download and access content from the Live Arcade and Games Store. You can also keep a friends' list to voice-chat or share your gaming profile.

Video Apps Supported by Xbox Live Free

Some time back, Free members couldn't make use of apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or WWE Network. But, that changed in 2014. Now, Free users can use such video apps, and even more, without requiring a Gold subscription. But, you'll still have to pay any fees that may be required by such services, like Netflix subscriptions. It's clear that the only thing Free members can't access is online multiplayer games. But, virtually everything else that's on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 is available to everyone. Besides, keep in mind that your profile and subscription on Xbox Live works on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. Therefore, in case you subscribe to the Gold service, it'll apply to both systems.

More Tips to get Xbox Live Deals

It's highly recommended to purchase Xbox Live Gold subscription cards and gift cards from retailers, rather than making use of credit cards. You can actually get Xbox Live for even less than the set prices. Below, we feature some of the simplest, yet reliable ways of securing better Xbox Live deals.

  • I. Purchase Multiple Cards » At the moment, you can purchase multiple cards at a low price so you'll be well-set for quite some while into the future. That's always an excellent plan. The chances are that you'll find subscriptions for much less than the MSRP.
  • II. Bundle with Other Things » You can acquire Xbox Live for cheaper by bundling with things you need, as well. You're unlikely to obtain a whole year of this service (expect three months). But, most retailers bundle subscription cards with other items like games and accessories.
  • III. Check for Online Xbox Deals and Promotions » Another simple way is to wait for a favorable deal and cash in once you find a suitable price. Keep a close eye on ads from retailers like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Toys 'R Us, etc. Look out for any other areas which focus specifically on such deals.
  • IV. Coupons » Coupon codes are an excellent way to save cash on Xbox Live. These subscriptions nearly always count as 'accessories'. If there are coupon codes for gaming accessories, you can easily come across Xbox Live cards for significantly less than retail. Taking advantage of coupon codes can help you slash down the price pretty well!

Free Xbox Live Codes

These are free XBL codes which the administrator has purchased and uploaded to xblivecodes.com. Some codes are specifically tied to either Xbox One or Xbox 360. So, if a particular code is intended for Xbox 360, ensure that you make use of it for that specific console. However, most codes for Xbox Live Gold tend to work on both consoles. You can easily redeem them by signing into your account right from your console and typing in the digits (usually 25-characters long). And, be sure to key in the hyphens as well.


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